Reaching the unreachable for over 20 years. Here at OC Robotics, we have established ourselves as a world leader in robotic solutions, to access confined and hazardous environments.

What We Do

Our core technology is snake-arm robots. With a reach exceeding 3m and cumulative bend of up to 180 degrees – these highly flexible robots are ideal for working in confined and hazardous spaces.

Driven by wire ropes, and controlled by OC Robotics’ proprietary software, snake-arm robots are able to traverse cluttered environments and conduct activities such as inspection, fastening and cleaning when integrated with off-the-shelf or custom-designed tools.

Snake-arm robots are ideally suited for confined and hazardous applications, as the motors, electronics and control systems are situated outside of the environment, with only the arm itself being deployed into the workspace.

They include a hollow core, allowing cabling, hoses and other equipment associated with the tool to be routed through the centre of the arm.

About Us

Innovation and problem solving are OC Robotics' key strengths. Our engineers have a wealth of experience & expertise designing, industrialising and delivering cutting-edge technology. Providing our clients with standard generic tooling, through to complete bespoke solutions.

OC Robotics has developed products for a wide range of applications and sectors. These include inspection, NDT, remote handling, cutting and cleaning. We also work closely with tool experts, integrating their products with our robotic systems.

Aerospace Inspection

Using OC Robotics' innovative technology and intelligent software, we are helping support aircraft engine inspection teams around the world. Reducing maintenance burden and enabling faster engine dispositions, even in remote locations.

Aerospace Robotics

With up to 20 degrees-of-freedom, snake-arm robots can reduce confined space human entry by reaching into enclosed aircraft sections. A range of modular end effectors allows processes such as swaging, sealing and quality control to be conducted safely and remotely on the production line.


Industrial Applications

Our robotic vessel inspection systems allow petrochemical inspection teams to navigate complex environments from a safe distance, avoiding the additional cost and time requirements of standard inspection techniques.

When integrated with high powered laser tools, snake-arm robot systems have supported complex decommissioning tasks by remotely cutting and welding in hazardous environments.

Research & Development

OC Robotics undertakes a wide range of multi-disciplinary R&D utilising our experienced Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Systems engineers.

With experts in kinematics, dynamics, structural analysis, manufacturing and intricate mechanism design, our Mechanical team are uniquely placed to react quickly to our customers’ demands to produce practical and reliable solutions to complicated engineering problems.

Our specialised team of electronic engineers are experts in mechatronics; developing miniature motor controllers, inspection tools and end effectors suitable for the confined space environments we operate in.

OC Robotics uses advanced algorithms and the latest advances in AI and machine learning to provide a safe, simple and user friendly UI. The control software has matured over several years and a unified software architecture is used across all development.


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