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OC Robotics has designed an 8-week project for a local engineering college as a way to teach 17-18 year old students what it is like to work in engineering. The students have been challenged to design, build and program an automated grabber robot. To gain experience working in real world teams, the project teams of 6 have been assigned roles such as Project Manager, Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Systems Engineer and Lead Engineer. Their challenge is to role play as Nuclear Engineers tasked to design a robot that will colour detect “nuclear waste” objects and sort them into correct waste disposal receptacles. The XYZ robot allows the teams to design a pick-and-place solution simulating a crane and grabber end-effector. The students are also supplied with a camera to use for detecting nuclear waste (red objects) for disposal, shown in the illustration below.

With fortnightly mentoring from OC Robotics engineers, the students have embraced this challenge and are excelling with their combined technical and creative thinking. Now at the half-way mark in the project, OC Robotics have received glowing feedback from enthusiastic college students and staff. Students have submitted their final designs to OC Robotics for review and will be manufacturing their grabbers following a successful design review.


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