Small Inspection Series

Aircraft Engine Inspection

MiniX snake-arm robots have also been deployed to support jet engine inspection. The self-supporting design and greater control offered by the snake-arm allows inpsections teams to gather consistent data faster, reducing the overall maintenance burden.

Heavy Duty Series

Aircraft Wing Production

OC Robotics has significant experience within the aerospace sector. We have explored automated in-wing processes, such as swaging, sealing and inspection, using arms with a reach of up to 2m.

An example is the development of an all-electric swage tool that includes a stereo-vision system, used to identify the position and orientation of bolt tails. This tool ensures that the snake-arm can automatically account for any error in bolt position and orientation - if an error is found, the system re-positions and re-orients automatically prior to performing a swaging operation.

Environments within the energy sector present many unique challenges, with a combination of large accessways and compact process cells that were not designed to be accessed, by human or robot. Laser technology offers significant economic, technical and operational benefits compared to competing decommissioning technologies. Cuttings tools can be small, light weight and non-contact, making them highly suitable for remote deployment.

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